All you need to know about our plans for GRUSH ecosystem

Q1 2022

  • GRUSH Initial game Conceptualization
  • NFT characters concept art and draft
  • Website and game APP UI v1
  • GRUSH Farming mechanics and token schedule release calculation
  • Whitepaper
  • GRUSH Economy & Tokenomics feasability test
  • Alpha GRUSH game development (smart contracts, game UI etc.)
  • Treasure Chest bonus implementation in game.

Q2 2022

  • Start of social campaigns in TG, Twitter, Discord etc.
  • GRUSH Community contest
  • Website and game APP UI v2
  • Seed Sale A
  • GRUSH mining game Beta v1 test bug finding contest with seed sale A investors
  • Seed Sale B
  • GRUSH mining game Beta v2 test bug finding contest with seed sale A & B investors
  • GRUSH IDO Whitelist Contest

Q3 2022

  • Marketplace release
  • Marketing push with influencers and NFT game specialists
  • BETA V3 ready and final testing
  • Public Presale on 3rd party trusted platform
  • CMC & Coingecko
  • PR Collaborations
  • Listing on serious CEX/DEX platforms

Q4 2022

  • Implementation of new GRUSH Dashboard features V1
  • GRUSH Farming UI and UX improvement with new added game interaction
  • Addition of new side missions for Gunmen NFT ONLY
  • Marketing push with big influencers in crypto space
  • New NFT characters added to the NFT pool
  • Leaderboard implementation displaying top Farmer and Miner score
  • Partnership expansion


  • Listing on Centralized Finance platforms
  • Implementation of new game modes
  • Ecosystem development with Fintech implementations
  • Cross-Chain exploration
  • GRUSH Swap
  • GRUSH Liquidity Farming