Bank Heist

You can assign your Horse and Gunman NFT to Bank heists mission and earn huge rewards
These missions are high risk / high rewards, there is a good chance that you will get huge rewards. However, it comes at the risk of half of your NFTs dying (lower star NFTs die first).
There are a variety of heists which you can target, each heist has its own NFT requirements. The larger the target, the larger the crew you need.
For now, there are 3 heists you can target: Rob saloon, High Stakes Poker Game, and Bank Heist.

Requirement and rewards:

NFT Requirement
Ticket Requirement
Rob Saloon
1.4 BNB
2 Horse + 2 Gunmen NFT
1000 Food
High Stakes Poker Game
2.8 BNB
4 Horse + 4 Gunmen NFT
1500 Food
Bank Heist
4.2 BNB
6 Horse + 6 Gunmen NFT
2000 Food
All Mission success rates are fixed at 25%

High Star NFT perks

Assigning higher rarity NFTs into your crew will increase your base rewards if you successfully finish the heist. Different rarity of NFTs add different % bonus on rewards.
Rarity of NFT
Bonus %
1 Star
2 Star
3 Star
4 Star
5 Star
There is a maximum limit on the bonus rewards players can get for every Heist:
Bonus % Cap at
Rob Saloon
High Stakes Poker Game
Bank Heist

Mission Consequences:

If player succeeds, he will be getting base rewards + bonus rewards given from high NFT bonus.
If player fails, he will be losing half of his crew members.
If player chooses High Stakes Poker Game, his crew members are four 4 star NFTs and four 1 star NFT: - IF LOSE, he will be losing four 1 star NFT(lower star NFT has higher chance to chance compared to high star NFT). - IF WIN, he will be getting base rewards of 2.8 BNB + 20% of base rewards due to high rarity bonus. So the total rewards he is getting is 3.36 BNB (2.8 BNB + 0.56 BNB).